Recovery Excellence through
Nurture, Education, and Work
Crawford County Drug Court

Partnering with area leaders to rehabilitate and
restore quality-of-life to former addicts with a desire to reform.



Connecting you with local resources like
Lawrence County Drug Court – URchoice.

Our Mission

The mission of the Crawford County Drug Court is to serve the citizens of Crawford County and the courts by providing a proven,  cost-effective alternative to incarceration, while holding offenders accountable—through heightened supervision, sanctions and accurate assessments.

Drug courts give those who are struggling on their own the support and confidence they need to change their lives and become productive individuals.

Drug Courts are special courts, responsible for cases involving drug-using offenders. These offenders are subject to constant supervision, regular drug testing, treatment services and immediate sanctions and incentive rewards. Drug Courts bring together Judges, Prosecutors, Defense Counsel, Probation Officers, Law Enforcement and Correction Personnel as well as Treatment Specialists, Educators and Community Leaders, all helping the offender to deal with the abuse problem.

Drug Courts ensure consistency in the judicial process. This partnership of resources increases the cost effectiveness of  treatment and increases chances for successful rehabilitation of the abusers.

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